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Hydraulic Presses
REDSON manufactures various types, models & sizes of Hydraulic Presses. Every press is designed, developed & manufactured as per customers specifications.
Few Models are illustrated below:
» Single Action Presses - For Metal Working / Forming, compression Moulding etc
  'C' Frame Models'C' Frame Models
  Close Frame/ Four Pillar Models
» Deep Drawing Presses - with Die Cushion
» Deep Drawing Presses - with Blank Holder
  Close Frame/ Four Pillar Models
» Powder Compacting Presses
  Floating Die Type in Close Frame/ Four Pillar Models
  Static Die Type in Close Frame/ Four Pillar Models
» Up Stroking Presses
  Multi Daylight in Close Frame/ Four Pillar Models
» Extrusion Presses
  Vertical Models for Cold & Hot Extrusion of Ferrous/ non-ferrous Metal
  Horizontal Models for Aluminum, Copper & Brass/ Solid/ Hollow Extrusions
Salient Technical Features:
Construction: The Press Frames and Slides are steel plate heavy duty fabricated structures, stress relieved and machined. Provided with adjustable and replaceable guide ways to achieve close tolerances and long life of dies and tools. The clamping surface of Bed (Bolster), Rams slides have T-Slots across corners as a standard or as ordered.
The Bed (Bolster and Ram slide surfaces are machined and ground (or hand scrapped for close tolerances to achieve international quality standards.
Hydraulic System : The hydraulic cylinders are manufactured out of tested hydraulic tubes, bored and honed to give smooth finish. The piston rods are made out of alloy steel bars, machined ground and hard chrome plated. Phosphor Bronze Bushings and high quality seals / packings are used for long lasting performance of cylinders.
Independent / Built in power packs are built with high & low pressure piston/ vane or gear pumps, DC valves, pressure regulators, un loader valves, manifold system (avoiding piping) filler breather, level gauges, pressure switches and other safety features.
To achieve most economical results, fast approach and pressing speeds are provided. Independent Pressure Controls are provided for each of the cylinders to achieve the best results. Even with high approach speeds, soft closing on dies is achieved by Hydraulic Braking equipment.s
Controls: All electrical controls are provided for Push Button Operation for single, semi auto / auto operation. Control panels & control stations are provided as standard equipment.
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