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Mechanical Presses
Redson manufactures various types, models and sizes of Mechanical Presses. Few models are illustrated below.
» ‘C’ Frame Cross Shaft Presses.
» Straight sided Single Point Presses
» Straight sided Multi Point Presses
» Straight sided Single Point Crank less Presses
» Straight sided Multipoint Crank less Presses
» Knuckle joint Presses
» Cold Extrusion Presses
» Special type Presses to customer specifications
» Salient Technical Features
Frame: The Frame is Four Part welded Construction with heavy duty rolled steel plates of fusion welding quality and is connected by four Tie Rods. All the parts are fully stress relieved and the deflection shall be well with in design parameters.
Slide: The slide is rolled steel plate welded construction with heavy members. It is fully stress relieved and is machined for close tolerances. Slide is guided fully through-out the stroke length with j8 point guide way system with adjustment from all 8 points. Liners of non-metallic phenolic material are provided and are replaceable. In addition, plunger guides are provided for accurate guiding of the slide for maintaining close clearances between punch & die resulting in quality product out put and increased tool life. slide adjustment is provided by motorized screw adjustment
Clutch & Brakes: Pneumatic Friction minimum inertia clutch & Brake system is provided for preventing overloads on motor and slides and stopping of slide at desired position.
Counter Balancing: The slide is counter balanced with pneumatic cylinders of suitable capacity for ease in slide adjustment and for preloading of bearing in the direction of load there by extending the life of bearings.
Drive: The drive is through flywheel, pneumatic clutch & Brake and rolled and hardened teeth gearings with two point loading.
Lubrication: A centralised oil lubrication system is provided for supply of Lubricant to all important points with a pre-settable controls with on and off delays.
Overload Protection: Hydraulic overload protection is provided for complete safety of tooling and slides.
Safety: Suitable safety guards are provided for motor & flywheel. Two hand push button operation is provided. Electronic safety guard is provided on request.
Standard Accessories:
» Electrical Motors for Main Drive.
» Motorised slide Adjustment.
» Crank Position Indication.
» Counter Balancing System.
» Motorised Centralised Lubrication system.
» Electrical Control Panel with two hand push button Station.
» Pneumatic safety controls, FRL.
» Standard Bolster.
» Safety Guards.
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