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Rotary Shearing Machines
The rotary shearing machines are ideally suited for cutting/shearing circles, segments, strips of unlimited length, ring shearing, contour shearing, blanking, flanging and beading operations, shearing of cutouts, shearing of notches etc.
Rotary Shears are ideally suited for shearing perfect circles, segments, strips of unlimited length, ring, contour shearing and cutouts, flanging and beading etc.
The production can either for a small batch quantity or for large volume production. The machines operate at high speeds up to 30 meters per minute.
Rotary Shears replace expensive dies & tools, and presses. Quality of shearing is as good as that of precision press Blanking.
Rotary Shears can shear circles with high accuracies of +/- 0.05 mm and can be used for production of stator and rotor stampings with additional accessories like Ball screws and PLC Controls.
The square / octagonal sheet is held rigidly by the sheet holder frame while two cutters shear the sheet to required circle diameter rotating the sheet.
The constriction of Rotary shearing Machine consists a bed, a Cutter Holder Frame, a Sheet Holder frame and Mechanical & Hydraulic Drive Units.
Rotary shears are fabricated out tested rolled steel plants for heavy duty continuous operation. The two rotary cutters are driven by gear drives and motors. The upper shaft moves vertically and is powered by gear drive / Hydraulic systems. Sheet holders frame moves on the machined guide ways of the bed to adjust for different diameters. The Sheet Clamping is by Manual / Hydraulic power.
An indecent Hydraulic Systems is provided. Complete system of electrical controls for a Push Button Operation, Motors, Hydraulic Controls are provided. Necessary PLC Controls, Ball Screws etc, are supplied as optionals.
Segmental Shearing Ends Rounding Flanging
Circle Shearing Ring Shearing Contour Shearing
Straight Strip Shearing Beading Cutout Shearing
The machines are manufactured in two different models:-
Standard series - for Shearing Circles - Segments, Strips, Rings, Flanging & Beading. RSN Series
Deep Throat Series - for Contour Shearing RSN Series
Standard Accessories
» Electrical Motors, TEFC Suitable for 400/440 volts, 50 cycles, 3 phase, AC Supply.
» Electrical Starter and control panel.
» Shear Blades mounted on the machine.
» Set of Tools.
» All guards and safety requirements.
» Sheet Holder and Adjustment Device.
Optional Accessories
» Sheet Holder Center adjustment Power Drive.
» Flanging Tooling and Holders.
» Strip Shearing Accessories.
» Beading Tooling and Hold-downs.
» Segmental Shearing Accessories.
» Automatic centralized Lubrication, etc.
» PLC controls
» Ball screw adjustment for procession jobs.
Check here for specifications on Rotary shearing Machines.
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