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The emphasis now a days is on perfectly cleaned & finished surfaces. That is where the REDSON range of Shot Blasting Machines are needed. REDSON manufactures a wide range of Shot Blasting Machines in Airless Roto Blast and Pneumatic Systems.
The stringent quality specifications of international standards calls for a thorough removal of mill scale, forged scales, rust and casting residue. The durability and the quality of painting depends mainly on the surface preparation and the Shot Blasting is the only way of thorough removal of scales, rust etc., at the lowest cost. Shot Blasting, improves the surfaces finish, increase paint life. Shot Blasting increases tool life of drills, punches etc., also increases welding quality and speeds up the welding.
The modern quality conscious companies right from corporate giants to small industries are adding Shot Blasting Systems to get an edge over the competitors. Let it be forging, a casting, a steel plate, a mill roll, a tube, a fabricated item, a railway wagon, a coiled HR strip (for cold rolling steel mill) or even a delicate nonferrous item, REDSON has answer for surface cleaning with a wide range of Shot Blasting Machines in Airless Roto Blast models and pneumatic Blast rooms & Cabinets.
As pioneers in design & development of special purpose equipment over a decade most of which are import substitute.  Today REDSON has substantial market all over India and a prestigious client list to its credit.  Some of the note worthy customers include BHEL, HAL, Praga Tools, Balmer Lawrie, NSL etc.,
Airless Roto Blast Machines
Conveyorised Cylinder Roto Blast Machines
These machines are suitable for Shot Blasting of Cylinders - LPG, CNG, Oxygen, Acetylene, Ammonia, Nitrogen etc., Pipes and other Cylinders/ pipes enter from one end and come out fully blasted from the other.
The cylinder conveying system of a unique skew designer to rotate and move the cylinder / pipes linearly on the conveyor. The machines are totally automatic save loading & unloading.
Conveyorised Roll Blasting Machines
The Machines are suitable for Shot Blasting of Steel Mill Rolls of HCHCr, after Grinding to obtain mat finish on the cold rolled sheets. In design these machines are similar to cylinder Roto Blast Machine except the skew conveyor design is robust to carry loads up to 5/6 Tonnes.
The mill rolls are moved on the skew conveyor to obtain mat finish on the cylindrical surface. There are no moving parts, bearings, inside the Blasting Chamber except the wear resistant rolls.
Conveyorised Plate Roto Blast Machines
Heavy plates up to 100mm thickness, 3 meter wide and unlimited length are Shot Blasted in the plate blasting machines. Steel Plates enter the machines from one side vertically, gets shot blasted on both sides, and comes out perfectly Shot Blasted with a silver Grey finish.
Shot Blasting of huge fabrications, railway bogies, turbine bodies, ship building items etc., is a very difficult task and is never be reached for cleaning. The only solution is Shot Blasting & Primary rust preventing coating of steel plates prior to fabrication.
STRIP Descaling Machines
The low carbon hot rolled steel strips are shot blasted in the strip Descaling machines to remove the mill scale/rust prior to cold rolling. These machines can totally eliminate acid pickling plant and or assist acid pickling plant in the existing set ups to increase the speeds.
The Shot Blasting of HR Steel Strips is a dry-descaling process with the airless roto blast principle. Any number of Roto Blasts can be provided to achieve desired speed and finish of HR Strips. The machines are totally automatic.
Swing Table Roto Blast Machine
The Machines are ideally suited for Forgings, Castings, miscellaneous fabricated items for batch production with a mix of large & small items. These machines are available in various swing table diameters. 1200 Dia, 1800 Dia, 2000 Dia, fir respective batch loads of 1200 Kgs , 1800kgs and 2000kgs.
The components are spread on the table, the shot blasting process starts for the batch production. Another table can be provided, so that loading / unloading can take place simultaneously.
Spin Hanger Roto Blast Machines
The design consists of over head conveyor which transfers the components into the Blast Chamber. The conveyor hanger rotates the components either a single piece weighting up to 15 Tons or a batch of components hanging on a hook-with a power drive.
The roto Blasts are mounted sideways. Two conveyor tracks can be provided for blasting and loading & unloading components simultaneously.
TUMBLE Roto Blast Machines
The machine is suitable for Shot Blasting for smaller components - casting & Forging with a high out put.
The components tumble in the trough of the conveyor and gets blasted thoroughly all-round.
Shot Peening Machine
Shot Peening is done to remove internal stresses and increase the fatigue strength of the components. The machines are suitable for leaf springs, drill rods,
coil springs, axles, gears, connecting rods, crank shaft etc., The machine is conveyorised and is automatic.
Pneumatic Blast Rooms
Pneumatic Blast Room is suitable for Shot Blasting of huge fabricated items, castings etc., where the size of the item is too big. It consists a blast room which is totally enclosed and provided with proper ventilation and lighting. The operator shot blasts the required surfaces with pneumatic blast nozzle (compressed air and steel shots). The machines include automatic recycling system of shots screw conveyor & bucket elevator, dust collector, doors, lighting etc
The compressed air requirement would be 5.7 meters3/min. ( 230 CFM ) for each 10mm nozzle and 3.5 meters3/min (125 CFM ) for each 8mm nozzles at air pressure of 5 kg/Cm2 (75 PSI ). The surface cleaning rate would be appropriately 12 sq. meters/hour for each 10mm nozzle. The components can be loaded on trolley which moves with mechanized winch. Size of the blast room can be decided depending upon maximum size of the jobs.
Pneumatic Blast Cabinets
The machines are suitable for Shot Blasting of delicate items, nonferrous items, small batch quantities like tool room applications, die cast parts, small forging & castings
Specifications / Model PC 800 PC 900 PC 1000
Working Chamber :
Height 800mm 900mm 1000mm
Width 900mm 1200mm 1000mm
Depth 800mm 100mm 1400mm
Blast Nozzles Size 5mm 5mm 5mm
Compressed Air 1.1 meter3/min. 1.1 meter3/min. 1.1 meter3/min.
Requirement ( 40 CFM ) ( 40 CFM ) ( 40 CFM )
Dust Collector Fan 2 HP 2 HP 3 HP
Abrasive Storage Capacity 40 liters 40 liters 40 liters
Click here for Specifications on Airless Roto Blast Systems
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